Just a reminder, The Lab Fall Open will be October 6th!

Attached is the official entry form. Please mail to address below.

UPDATE: Their WILL be a Crossfit competition attached to this meet. It will conclude at the end of the lifting sessions. More details below.You may register online here:

Crossfit competition:

If you plan to compete in the Crossfit portion please register online only! If you have already sent in your meet application and wish to compete in the Crossfit event please email me to let me know.
There will be 3 divisions for the competition:
1) General USAW Weightlifting Competition
2) Crossfit Competition (Will be combination of the Olympic Weightlifting meet and 2 extra WODS at the end of the meet. For this division you will be scored against Crossfitters only on your weightlifting total. There is small extra fee for this division.
3) USAW Meet AND Crossfit meet. Here you will compete both with the Crossfit group AND the USAW group for the weightlifting competition.

Crossfit Competition: Open Men’s and Women’s divisions only
1) Olympic Weightlifting Total
2) WOD 1: Fran-kenstein – aka heavy Fran
3) WOD 2: A complete mystery. You will know when we tell you that day;)

All rules will be explained at the competition.

PS: If you plan to enter the Crossfit meet email me to let me know, thanks!


9am: Women and 13U weigh in at 9am (lift at 11am)

10am: Everyone else at 10 am (will lift after the women & 13U in sessions of no more than 15)

11am-1pm: Women & 13U lift

1pm-3pm (tentative): Remaining lifters (Juniors, Open, Masters. If more than 15-20 will split into 3rd session. Lightest weight classes will lift first).

3pm-5pm (tentative): 3rd lifting session if needed.

CF Meet (tentative): Will begin after final lifting session (either 3pm or 5pm, but will need ~15 minute set-up time)-
a) 3:15-4:15pm or b) 5:15-6:15pm

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