Team L.A.B.

Every gym has a core. Ours is Team L.A.B.

The core of The L.A.B Gym revolves around the fundamentals within Team L.A.B. That is not to say you need to be involved or active with this option of the gym but it definitely gives you a sense as to how and why the gym formed.

An image of weight plates in holder with The L.A.B. Gym in the background. You can see a big "Team L.A.B." sticker on the rack.

Nothing but the most advanced form of weight lifting on earth.  No, not ‘powerlifting.’  This is Olympic Weightlifting.  Executing precision, speed, power, coupled with extreme flexibility and athleticism Olympic lifting is the ultimate form of  weight lifting in and of itself, as a sport, and to enhance athletic prowess and quality of life like no other modality can.

Our Group Olympic Weightlifting class focuses on mastering the snatch and clean & jerk. It is very common to see general enthusiasts, national-level competitors, and Crossfitters all collaborate and train together. The concepts were founded  Coach Justin Thacker and now led by national level lifters Jimmy Duke and Drew Thompson. Team LAB hosts some of the most elite Olympic Weightlifting in the United States while assisting Schoolage, Junior, and Senior level national champions with Olympic potential. 

Whether you want to train and eventually arrive at the Olympics or simply learn how to smoke some flawless snatches, cleans, and jerks come join us in Team L.A.B.  

Fun Tidbits

Here at L.A.B. Gym, we work with Olympians, National Champions,  Schoolage National Champions, Junior National Champions, and Crossfitters! Additionally, we work with business executives, young, old  and many who are picking up a barbell for their first time ever.

All skill levels and lifting goals are welcome here.  We compete as a team locally and nationally.  In our sessions we cover everything from the finer parts of lifts to maximum execution.  Complete with technical assistance lifts, strength training assistance lifts, and anything and everything Olympic Weightlifting.  We have 14 dedicated platforms and TONS of weights… so bring it!

Team L.A.B. Current Class Schedule:

We meet as a group for coaching on:

  • Monday through Friday, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
  • Saturdays, 10 am to Noon

*Note: Team L.A.B. trains daily, some are here to just learn the lifts, and some to compete.

Team L.A.B. meets Monday through Friday, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturdays, 10 am to Noon.  It is an awesome atmosphere packed with Athletes, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters and CrossFitters.  It truly is a Team approach, everyone is pushing for everyone else’s success. Therefore, PR’s are obviously broken every day. 

We would like to see you come out and witness the class in action first hand.  We can’t allow you to participate, until you have gone through the proper channels, but this would at least give you a feel for how the group works.  If this is of interest, You can schedule that here. While you are here we can discuss the details of all of this much, much further and answer any questions that you might have.

Team L.A.B. 3 Session Ramp Up

We do require that all Team L.A.B. participants go through a 3 session ramp up.  The cost for this $225.  Each day will have a different focus with a consistent review throughout.  

  • If you are interested in Weightlifting, the ramp up consists of Day 1 Snatch. Day 2 review and Cleans, Day 3 review and Jerk.  At the end of each day we may have some time to work with some weight.  This is pertinent to your education of the lifts.  Justin breaks each (snatch, clean and the jerk) down into a 4-5 part sequence.  The ramp up will help you understand this process and get you acclimated to the coaching cues, positioning, drills and cadence. 
  • If you are interested in Powerlifting, the ramp up will be a 3 session course to assess your movements and help us establish the foundation of your programming.  Each day we will be focused on all 3 lifts; squat, bench and deadlfit.  We will also cover appropriate accessory work for you as an individual and as a Powerlifting athlete as a whole. 

Whether you are interested in Weightlifting or Powerlfiting but maybe not Team L.A.B. itself, we highly recommend these ramp ups.  You will walk away with a ton of knowledge and everyone hits P.R.’s through this course.

Team. L.A.B. Application Form

All Team L.A.B. applicants MUST fill out an application and profile sheet. Once you have finished, you can simply respond or attach it to this email to send it back to us or bring it in with you to your appointment.

Team L.A.B. Membership Fees

As for the monthly fees, we have a 3 day/week option and an unlimited option.  Both options are under a 12 month agreement, but you can cancel at any time, we just require a 1 month notice. These fees include 24/7 access to the facility, use of our other classes and access to all of your programming online through the Team L.A.B. members site, access to the Team L.A.B. video library and access to the Team L.A.B. private Facebook page.  

  • Unlimited $200 per month

 Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you here.

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