Virtual Membership

We offer a virtual membership platform for you to train from anywhere in the world.

Elite Training at your fingertips!

This membership is here to help and motivate you to crush any fitness goal. Options range from basic program access to weekly correspondence, daily accountability check-ins, and even 1 on 1 instruction.

** Include a Nutrition Program and you will have all the keys to achieve your goals!!


Image of dum bells lined up next to each other on a wrack. This image is used to showcase virtual membership options for The L.A.B. gym!

Virtual Membership Options

Practical Program Access  

With this virtual membership option, you will receive training that will focus on:

  • strength
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • core
  • flexibility
  • and more.

All of the information is available via web-based and video instruction. 

Virtual Trainer Bronze Access 

With this virtual membership option, a personal trainer will manage your program and you will have full access to with 

You will have full access to a personal trainer-managed program.

The bronze level provides standard training** with monthly programming plus a weekly check through the training app. 

**No Personalization, Adjustments, or Modifications.

Virtual Trainer Silver Access


More information about this virtual membership option is coming soon!

Tailored Training

program access and Nutrition Program

This package will include:

  • Programming (beginning to advanced needs)
  • Email correspondence
  • Personal weekly coaching session*
  • Full access to L.A.B. Gym resources
  • Video and web based tutorials
  • 60 minute video call for a monthly review*
  • Unlimited air high-fives 


No one ever regrets completing their workout. Let us help you wherever you are at whatever level. Inquire for more details here.


Virtual Personal Training: Customized to reach your goals!

This virtual membership option includes:

VIP : Programming, Email Correspondence, & Weekly One on One Coaching

  1. Weekly follow ups! When you MUST get there NOW!
  2. Complete programming and correspondence for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  3. Receive keys to the vault pertaining The Lab Gym resources!
  4. Video & web based instruction
  5. 1 hr in person, video call and review per month.  *Can purchase more time as needed.
  6. Weekly correspondence and support
  7. Your Lab coach/trainer will individually tailor the program and periodization for you!

Contact us at 314-932-7270 to schedule an appointmenT!

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