LET US HELp you define it 

We proudly employ the best trainers in St. Louis. We push past the posers and search for educated individuals who are dedicated toward growth and assist each client. We have an array of personal training options to fit ANY level, mindset, and objective. 



Prices range from $15 to $150 a session. Determining factors are based on which program you commit to, the duration committed, and which level of trainer you decide to work with. 


What makes The L.A.B’s Personal Training so Great?

This is a closeup image of a man at a racked dum bell, preparing to lift, with his personal trainer behind him. This image is used to showcase the membership options, and personal training at The L.A.B. Gym

At the L.A.B Gym we stay ahead of the learning curve and implement a success driven programming that has been the catalyst for many pounds lost and even more ailments dismissed and never dealt with again. 

Each personal  trainer is highly motivated and ready to guide you through a life changing experience geared at your level and to never look back. We have tested, researched and used every L.A.B. program to give you the option on how to kick ass. 

We offer 1-on-1 personal training, Buddy Sessions, Semi-Private Training (group of 4), and the “LASER” Weight Loss Program. Each of these styles of training we offer will allow us to tailor more personally to you and comprehensively work on all your addressed needs. Give us a call today and see which programs fit you best.

Additional Options

Personal training may not be right for you, but that is okay! Here at L.A.B. Gym, we have options to fit most lifestyles and schedules such as Open Gym Access, Classes, Team L.A.B., and more! 

Contact us at 314-932-7270 to schedule an appointmenT!

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