I am very happy to announce that we are starting up a running focused boot camp.  This is to provide a cardiovascular element and further caloric deficit to complement the existing boot camp class, for those who are simply interested in a progressive running program, and as a compliment to our 1-on-1 training clients who may also need the cardiovascular element to their program.

Many times trainees find themselves unhappy with their overall results when adopting an exercise program.  Many times they fail to address ALL parameters of health and fitness or fail to create a large enough calorie deficit from exercise to achieve the weight loss and toning benefits they desire.  Health and fitness is a complicated combination of flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, core strength, balance, posture, etc.  It is very hard to fit in all of these elements with the typical 3 days per week exercise program.  Therefore, we are very happy to announce this additional program to further complement our programs.

NO running mastery required, however, the ability to run 1 mile is highly recommended.  The class is structured to develop your running tolerance and ability progressively over time.  However, runs of all sorts of distances will be performed.

Location and time: Classes will be held at 6:00am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Classes will meet at Forest park at: FOREST PARK LOCATION: “Rendezvous Point”.  However, locations are subject to change so please confirm with the instructor.  Likewise, class will be weather dependent.

Cost: (A few important options so please read all…)
-The cost for one month of enrollment is $180/month which covers 12 classes.  This also entitles you to a gym membership, t-shirt, and a nutritional consult.
-Student, police, fire, military are ALL half price (as well as Tom’s veterans).
-IF THIS IS YOUR SECOND CLASS: Your price is cut in half.  So, if you are already a member of boot camp your cost for the second class is half price.  (Ex: Class 1 (traditional boot camp): $180.00 +  Class 2 (Running boot camp): $90.00, or If at a discounted rate: $90.00+$45.00).

Questions or sign up, call/email: 314-256-1411, email at: labgym@gmail.com, or visit us at www.labgym.com.

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