This is a little late but I just want to congratulate all the Lab Rats of the month from August …it was a crazy month…Everyone killed it and raised the bar for everyone else in the gym…I made a rule this year that there would be no ties..BUT, this month was a record with a huge 7 way tie…I just couldn’t decide.  And there were a few more close ones.

Some highlights:

Tom Majer: First of all happy 60th birthday.  For Tom’s birthday he cranked out 120 pushups!!!!  This guy came to me with every injury in the book (seriously,never seen anything like it).  He is smooth sailing and on fire.  Squatting, dead lifting, and feeling better everyday.

Voy Andrews: 2 weeks in a row with a consecutive 6lb weight loss, 25 pushups, 50lb x 6 deadlift (age 49, and less than 3 months after picking up his first 25lb bar)…stay tuned for his story he will be crushing the 100lb weight loss barrier in no time.

Michael Evans: From zero to 30 minutes on the elliptical, over 20 lbs lost, and upawards of 15 lbs of muscle gained! Another Lab Rat soon to crush the 100lb barrier.

Lisa Manfredi:  Words cant explain what this young lady has accomplished in her time here.  I could write a whole book on her story.  She has had a terrible time rehabbing a knee injury but has proven herself as the fittest lady at The Lab.  A VERY VERY VERY prestigious postition.  She is here 5 days per week and I leave exhausted after her workouts from all the work she gets in.

Conseulo Wilkins: Two words.  Bootcamp Diva.  30 lb weight vests, pullups, burpees, nothing she can’t handle.  This diva is getting down and dirty now!  Looking better than ever!

Jill Gerber: Just getting started and already dead lifting 200lbs for 3 reps…DAMN. Watch out for her….many records to come.

Robert Segarro: Perfect attendance (for Robert..that’s a big deal..sorry man had to say it:).  Dumbell bench presses with 100lbs for reps, dead lifts over 300lbs for reps, all while at his lowest body fat percentage!  That is hard to do!!

Finally, I got some videos form the first strongman meet I competed in a couple months back. Here are a couple videos.  Stupid human tricks at it’s finest.  No, I will NOT help you move:

tireflip logpress
700lb Tire Flip 200lb Log Press x 10 Reps

Nationals are in about 4 weeks…

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