Dr. Suggs deadlifts over double body weight at age 77! Dr. Suggs weighs 155lbs and deadlifted 315lbs! First, I must say that this was a 'bucket list' lift to lift double bodyweight and in NO WAY do I condone this form (his back got soft on the pull, not what we teach, but this happens on 1 rep max attempts and in Powerlifting standards is pretty standard.). It was a very gradual build up with a calculated risk as he has pulled man many strong sets with solid form building up to this and proven he can handle the load. At that age you must be extremely cautious with the spine, hips, hernias, etc (do NOT try this at home). I have worked with Dr. Suggs for 4 years now and we have slowly built him up (yes, he started weight training at age 73) with the basics and always mandated solid posture and form. He has gotten stronger over the years and this was his first EVER 1 rep max attempt (yes even in his 70s, let that be a message to you that may think it is too late to start...I hope I can even do half this at his age and I started when I was 10!). Notice how quickly and easily the bar goes up, his back softens merely as a technique flaw and he is untapped...I have trained with Olympians and Pro athletes and this is perhaps one of the most impressive lifts I have ever seen!

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