Hello! As we head into December we have some exciting things coming up. First, several Team LAB members (Brittney Paul, Mandi Newsome, Jimmy Duke, Steve Price) and I will be heading to Palm Springs for The American Open Weightlifting Competition (a BIG deal) and The Outlaw Open (Crossfit competition: Trainer Steve Price will be competing). For the competition schedule and other relevant info you can go here. There should be a live streaming broadcast online (check that link for updates).



Also, Saturday Decmeber 12th at 7pm isT he Lab’s Annual Holiday Party! See the invite with details here. See who will be this year’s Lab Rat of the Year as well as MANY other awards. There will be food, raffles, prizes/gifts, anda GREAT time had with all of your favorite Lab characters. Everyone from the staff, membership, Team LAB, Bootcamp, and all of our groupies will be there. And SO SHOULD YOU!!!


Congrats to Lab Rat of The Month Abby Howard!!!


From the words of her trainer Steve (taken from his trainer’s report and monthly Lab Rat nomination): “Bench press 85/5 solid, Squats 160/5 A- 2 risers, D.L. 155/5 A- off 1 block. Day in and day out always giving her absolute best no matter how she feels. Each day she comes in she improves on her weaknesses and never settles for less. Work ethic is outstanding!!! She is always giving me dates on the days she can’t make it in and gives me the days when she wants to make them up. Never have to be on her about getting her extra day of exercise in and nutrition. She knows what it takes to get where she wants to be and she will do anything to get there. She also considers the lifting straps and I quote, “favorite piece of jewelry!” BOOM!!!! Vote for Howard!!!!!!!”

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