*note for beginner snatch from the hip: it is the 3rd pause on the first rep in the video. So, hip to overhead.

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC then in place-
Sprint x30s, Jumping Jacks x 30s
Sprint x20s, Jumping Jacks x 20s
Sprint x10s, Jumping Jacks x 10s
Sprint 60s

A) Overhead Squat Test: work up to 5rm

B) Front Squats (Frankenstein or clean grip): work up to 3 sets of 5 reps

C) Snatch technique practice: light from pvc-45lbs
1) Tall power snatch (from the hip)x5
2) Power snatch from the knee x5
3) Power snatch form mid shin/floor x5

D) 30 snatches FBT (for best time). If beginner, all from the hip.
Select weight from category-
L: pvc-15
M: 15-45
MH: 75
H: 95

E) FBT Circuit:
Burpees x15 to Cannonball Crunches x15 for 3 rounds

F) AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
Jumping jacks x10
Bicycle Crunch x10
High 5s x10

G) Tabata:optional squat and hold rest
1) Squat Jumps
2) Star jumps
3) Tuck Jumps
4) Split squat jumps

H) Sprints:in groups
1) 100s x 3 (relay)
2) 50s (while resting on side A, wait in high plank,while resting on side B,wait in squat position) x3
3) Free lunges: lunge and hold (avg of 5 seconds per step) x 50 yards x1

I) Bonus work-FBT
Spiderman crawl to squat x10 to jackknife to toe touch x10+10 x 3 rounds

Stretch-general protocol

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