The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full body blitz 6/22/13

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC: ½ speed run x10s, ¾ speed run x10s, full speed sprint x10s, high knees x10s, butt kicks x10s, crisscross jumps x10s, cross country skiers x10s, mountain climbers x10s, spiderman crawls x5, pushups x5, down & ups x5, full speed sprint x30 sec

Circuit 1:

50s: FBT

50 BW Squats

50 pushups

50 jumping jacks

Circuit 2: Tabata

DB or BB Thrusters

Circuit 3: run portion for each is 30 yards

10 pushups TO ½ speed sprint x2

10 BW Squats TO ¾ speed sprint x2

10 Down & Ups TO full sprint x2

25 Jumping jacks TO high knees x2

10 High 5s TO butt kicks x2

10 Feetkicks TO bounding x2

Side plank x15s x 2 rounds on each side TO side shuffle x2

Split squat holds x 15s x 2 rounds on each side TO carioca x2

High plank x30 sec TO bunny hops x2

10 Irish mountain climbers TO broad jumps x2

10 Mountain climbers TO kong walks x2

10 Standing bicycle crunches TO bear crawls x2

Suitcase lunges 30 yards left, 30 yards right

Overhead suitcase lunges 30 yards left, 30 yards right

Circuit 4: 4 person teams

A-3 rounds:

20 kb swings TO 50 yd sprint

B-3 rounds: 4 person relay

Stagger 1 person every 25 yards.  3 stations.  2 People at start, 1 at other 2 stations for perpetual run.  2nd person at start will begin the 2nd round.


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