Team LAB Power Team member Matt Swanson took 1st place at the APF-AAPF Illinois State Meet in Sycamore, IL on March 16th in the 110 kg weight class in the Open RAW AAPF division. The American Amateur Powerlifting Federation is a reputable organization that has been around for many years in support of a drug free sport. Matt displayed an awesome show of strength and fearlessness as he went 7 for 9 attempts. Swanny (as he is affectionately known) posted a skwaat PR at 540 lbs. and a meet total PR at 1482 lbs. Swanny’s near miss on his 3rd dead lift attempt at 622 lbs. (seen below).  In the words of the new Illinois State Champ, “1500 will be there in May”.  Nice work Matt, Congratulations on an excellent showing!  Speaking of showing, his wife has also announced that they have a new baby girl on the way. Another “tip of the hat” to you and your family. Watch Matt and other members of Team LAB’s Power Team in action at the Illinois State USAPL meet in Harrisburg, IL May 17th.
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