Rhonda Lab Rat Congratulations to Rhonda, pictured here with Justin Thacker and her Lab Trainer Drew Thompson. On top of Rhonda’s 6% body fat loss last month, she dropped another 2.5% this month and is down to 18.4% from 26.3% in her first two months. She lost another 2.6 inches on her ab measurement and 2.2 inches on her hip measurement this month. She has dropped 13 pounds of fat in the two months together, 5 pounds this month. Rhonda has been 100% on the plan since day 1. Nutrition has been perfect since she started with not a single day off. She has zero doubts in the program and gains more and more confidence in herself every day.

She shows up to give her all every day and is excited for every single workout. She is always striving to be better and stronger and has gone from barely being able to do a bodyweight squat to squatting 130 for 4 to a crate and one riser. Her new mission is to perfect her deadlift form, which she has told me she has been practicing at home in a mirror.

Rhonda is never settled with her results or her performance and always wants more and wants to be better and stronger. I haven’t heard a single complaint from her and her usual response to a workout that absolutely destroys her is “that was cool” or “awesome”, when she’s bright red, drenched in sweat and can hardly breath. She will put a killer workout in even after working her butt off for 10 hours or more at work.

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