julie rat patLab Rat of the Month of January is Julie Sodd!! She is down 12% body fat in 4 months with all A+++ movements, including front squats. 165lb. below parallel back squat, 185lb./3 dead lifts. 165lb./3 snatch dead (just learned this month). She is fierce and there is no stopping her!
Julie came to The Lab with a frozen,very painful shoulder and can now DB overhead press 35’s/3 and DB bench 45’s/3.
She trains twice a day and has totally embraced the healthy lifestyle. She has made a big shift on nutrition too for herself and her family! Way to go Julie and you too Pat!!
The Top 3 for January
1st Place – Julie Sodd
2nd Place – Erica Pfeiffer
3rd Place – Duane Reed


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