october lrotm

From the words of his trainer Scott:

“Another awesome assessment from Tod.

October 24th assessment results (since 9/26/15):
Down another 9lbs
Down 2%

Totals since 8/25/15:
Down total of 20lbs in 2 months
Down 17lbs fat mass
Down 5.5% BF
12.5 inches lost
Resting heart rate from 75 to 55

Tod is now in phase 2, and is completing every single set with time left at the end for HIIT. His pain tolerance is unreal, and he still continues to improve every single time we meet. Honestly haven’t had a bad/poor session yet. He is always on time and ready to kill it.

Tod has religiously followed the program. He trains 3 times per week, and also does an hour of cardio after work on his off days (and Sundays. He is actually getting in 7 days per week now!) He has also tracked everything he has eaten, and has not deviated from the nutrition plan once! He started at 242lbs, and declared he will not stop until he reaches at least 180.”

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