Random Blog-ings from The Lab Gym…

A mad scientist, a laboratory, and some rather unusual suspects also known as, “The Lab Rats.”  What is this place?  Where did they
come from?  And why are they all doing what they are doing?  Moving, pushing, grasping, breathing, stretching, bending, flipping,
jerking, running, jumping, all in a very concentrated focused manner.  If one wouldn’t’t know any better it would look like some
aboriginal tribal hunting ritual.  There is sort of a focused buzz going on, unlike any other gym experience, no lines, no pick up lines,
no obnoxious stalkers trying to give you an requested spot, no otomix bodybuilding shoes, no oily pose downs, no fads, no quick
fixes, no pushy sales types, no potions or magic powders, just focused, determined, lab rats…and they are taking over the city.  Join
them before its too late….

From ages 14-95, male and female, from diabetics, to weekend warriors, to professional athletes, the Lab rats vary widely from age,
gender, and health and performance goals.  However, they all share one thing, a goal, a mission, a lifestyle, and here at The Lab gym
they share that passion on their journey to live their ultimate lifestyles.   Here their stories, experiences, and wisdom will be shared…

This blog will exist to help you understand them and their lifestyle in some form or another.  This may come across as vague as the
parables from the New Testament, but I assure you if you grasp the core concepts you will soon understand.  They may sometimes
come from Dr. Jekyl and sometimes from Mr. Hyde, or even the new reformed or seasoned lab rat, the end result is the same.  Here in
lies a mixture of ideals, concepts, theories, stories, and practices to achieve optimum performance and health.   Take what is useful
and disregard what is not…welcome to the pack.

The stories and information here are for entertainment purpose only.  Use of any information or exercises is at your own risk.  Please advise your medical
doctor before beginning an exercise program.  Then, contact us and we will show you the way.

Dedicated to my dear Lab rats…