Hello again!  Hope your 4th of July was fun!  I had the pleasure of taking a bit of time off from work and resting from my preparation for the the 2010 National Weightlifting Championships at which I took 2nd place:

USAW National Championships highlights

It was very nice to take the time off and refresh a bit.  Sometimes I like to travel to other gyms and see what other places are like when I have the time and see what else is out there.  I thought I was in for a real treat, however boy was I unpleasantly surprised with my experience and found myself damn thankful I ever opened up this little piece of heaven on earth called The Lab.  I will never understand why some gyms exist and what their purpose is other than socializing.  It’s amazing people even break a sweat in these places…oh well. All I know is I don’t mix business with pleasure or weightlifting.  What I mean is if I was going to a place to simply socialize it certainly wouldn’t be a gym.  Don’t get me wrong some of my closest friends and family on earth I know through gyms but when we are at the gym we are here for a communal purpose…and that’s not socializing.  So if anyone would like to go grab a beer and socialize any place else I am all for it.  Maybe ‘Smellbridge’ wouldn’t mind if I brought my own Budweiser next time?  I mean there isn’t anything else productive I can do there;)

Congrats to Voy Andrews who has no lost 145lbs!

Congrats to Dr Dave Jaques and his wife Annie who have just completed a triathlon !

Congrats to Dr Michael Evans who has lost over 85lbs!

Congrats to DeDee Catsavis and Tom Major for NEVER quitting no matter what they may have broken, tore, or shattered…we can always work around it if we can’t work through it!

Congrats to Penney Kols for losing over 20lbs!

Look out for Do-Do below!

Enjoy this Majuscule!

Yo-Yo Exercising Increases Fat Cells!


Did you know that you have an unlimited ability to store triglycerides as fat cells ON and IN your body?  This explains the 600lb virgin or recently the 1000lb man I saw on TV.  While we have a limited warehouse to store carbohydrate in the muscles, liver, and blood stream fat cells can expand literally forever if we let them.  If you really think about it this explains why certain diets do what they do and why an athlete can eat a certain way that would make a couch potato overwhelmingly jealous…more on that in a later issue.

We all know body fat increases by enlarging existing fat cells, also known as fat cell hypertrophy. Fat cells may also take up space on that 600lb virgin body of yours by increasing the number of fat cells fat cells, also called fat cell hyperplasia.  Until recently, scientists thought that the number of fat cells was fixed in adults, but could be influenced by exercise and diet during childhood.

Perfect example of calorie balance and why rabbit diets and caloric diet restriction SUCKS!  If you remember interviews about his diet, the “Eat whatever I want as long as it equals 12,000calories diet.”

Now, scientists are realizing that things are not that simple…hmmm, surprise, surprise the scientists missed something again!?  Excuse the sarcasm, however, many times science can cause some severe limitations on constructive and rational thought, as if we lived in a black and white vacuum world.  And the paralyzed by the ‘show me your evidence’ crowd remains stuck in no progress land stuck behind their glasses and expanding waste lines while never stepping into the field making anything REAL happen.  Go ahead, run along and play with your mice.  Don’t get me wrong, I love science and even Scientists but at The Lab we combine a mixture of 80% evidence based rationale with a healthy dose of 20% common sense real world now how that the other ‘Labs’ will never be able to prove in their controlled settings…END OF RANT.

About as practical as the info from many ‘experts/scientists’

Soooo, where were we? Scientists have discovered that overeating combined with decreased physical activity can trigger increased fat cell production (must have been Einstein).  This makes people more prone to obesity, because they have more places to store fat.    Scientists have long known that yo-yo dieting (repeated weight loss followed by overeating) increases the risk of obesity.  Yo-yo exercising (periods of exercise followed by weeks of no physical inactivity) has the same effect (also, why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket…diet and exercise are BOTH crucial pieces of your plan.). Overwhelming one side of this too much will lead to fallout and increase likelihood of failure.  The best strategy for weight control is to maintain a long term, sensible diet and exercise plan that you can do for a lifetime! So, scratch off the quick fixes of liposuction, and yes even bariatric surgery (of course there are exceptions, but these methods do not change long term BEHAVIOR or healthy HABITS, and based on the above you now know that weight maintenance or loss is simply a measure of your LONG term diet and exercise BEHAVIOR/HABITS…when utilizing these methods no behavior is changed and soon the weight is regained, wasting thousands of dollars!), likewise the same can be said about crash diets or pathetic exercise programs (my new fav: the 500 calorie HCG diet…sounds like fun, please shoot me, life is not worth living on 500 calories per day).

Your inconsistency and flakiness are not only ineffective at reaching your goals but creating an even bigger problem for yourself.  Your cells are expanding and replicating…stick to the plan!

This research reinforces exactly what the Lab has been preaching to you about SHOWING up, getting in your 6 days of exercise religiously no matter what.  Even on the hard days when you don’t feel like it (and trust me, for most people, there will be more days you don’t want to do it, then do-do it…I said do do!).  Especially at FIRST, as with anything, this gets easier with time, and much more fun! Then turns into a normal lifestyle habit.  And that is today’s take home message, you don’t simply do this for 30 days or 3 months even, you commit yourself to a lifestyle of  appropriate diet and exercise that achieves and maintains your goals.  And once you achieve it, the game isn’t over, it has to be maintained or this program was no better than the above crash approaches. This is for life.

Do Do or Doo Doo?

You don’t have to hit a home run every time, but you must show up to bat!  If you don’t show up to bat you are always out.  You just have to ask yourself what is better, a half ass workout because you don’t feel great or NO workout because you decided NOT TO SHOW UP.  Those half ass workouts will do more for you in the long run then you could ever realize (but don’t get me wrong., ONLY half ass workouts will only give you half ass results!).  It’s official: that is the record for the usage of the word ‘ass’ in any of the Majuscules.  No asses were hurt in producing this newsletter and I hope it wasn’t a pain in yours.  Now get off your ass and get moving before you yo-yo yourself into the next fad!

Speaking of asses doesn’t this kind of look like Robert?

(Journal of Applied Pysiology, 102:1308-1309, 2007)

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