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By Colleen Hurley, RD

sillyrdAnyone in the healthcare field will probably tell you they’ve heard it all- and rightly so considering all the crazy things people say.  Dietitians and personal trainers get a unique brand of lines and excuses from clients because it seems people protect their food preferences, isms, and disordered eating like Fort Knox or simply choose to live in denial.  While you may be fooling yourself with excuses, you’re not fooling us:

  1. “I really don’t eat very much”:  Yes, you do actually.  Sure, there are cases where people have a difficult time losing weight because they aren’t eating enough but you are not 50+ pounds overweight because you don’t eat; that and your portion size distortion is probably monumental.
  2. “I have a thyroid problem”: Really? Have you had it checked? It’s a simple blood test, yet when I ask this question most people have normal levels upon review of blood work or when they do get it checked with their physician the results are within a normal range. Try again.
  3. “I have a low metabolism”: To this I say, yes right now you probably do because you are physically inactive and eat like crap.
  4. “I just don’t like vegetables”: Well you’d better learn to! And what are you, 4 years old? The web has thousands of delicious recipes to help you branch into eating veggies, buy a cookbook, and visit your farmer’s market.  I promise you can find veggies you love and increasing veggie intake is hands down the best thing you can do for your health.
  5. “I’m too busy”: To this I ask –“What’s your favorite TV show?” I always get an answer, and they say they never miss an episode.  If you can make sure your ass is parked in front of the TV at the same time every night then you can make time to eat better and exercise.
  6. “It’s too expensive to eat healthy”: Compare the price of a steak versus a head of cauliflower; you’re talking 5-7 times the price so I am calling BS again.  When you start making your own lunch or cooking more at home you will also save tons of money (and calories) in the long run.
  7. Don’t take away my ___”: Everybody has one food/drink they are adamant about keeping in their diet. If you are that addicted to something, it actually may be a good time for a break from that item because it’s highly likely you over-consume it.  I didn’t say you can’t have cake, but you can’t have cake, French fries, wine, etc… so pick your most favorite treat and enjoy whole-heartedly in a reasonable portion.
  8. “Life is too short not to enjoy food”: I agree! However, your life will be even shorter if you keep eating like that.  Food can taste good AND be good for you, and life is also too short to spend it feeling like crap all the time and unable to climb a flight of stairs.
  9.  “I’m fat because my culture eats…”: I’ve heard this from every ethnicity.  “I am Asian, and we eat too much white rice” – but you just told me you ate a bag of potato chips last night before bed so I’m pretty sure rice isn’t making you fat. There is no one food in your diet that is making you overweight, it’s the entirety of your diet along with your physical activity level.  Again, learn some portion control.
  10. “My family/partner won’t eat healthy”: Who’s doing the grocery shopping? If you are, then you control what comes into the house and if your children are only used to eating unhealthy foods then you’re partly responsible for that.  Kids are far more receptive than adults, and they will adjust to a new way of eating just like you.  If your significant other is unwilling to help or comprise on your lifestyle change than I’d question that partner.  Anyone who truly loves you will want what’s best for you so express your concerns completely, what your goals are, and how you’d appreciate their support.  If that fails, at least (short of kicking them to the curb) tell them they can do their own grocery shopping and make their own damn dinner.

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