The L.A.B. Gym’s Trainers Academy
Developed and built by Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, NSCA-CSCS, CES, USAW, USAPL

Founder of The “Original” Lab Gym in 2007 and considered the most exemplary source of health, fitness, strength and nutrition education to literally thousands; The L.A.B.’s Training Staff (past, present and future), it’s Clientele and countless success stories.  Tragically, Justin passed away in 2019.  His message and his legacy lives on through his Students, Clients and The L.A.B.’s vast community of beloved “Lab Rats”. 

We hope that you will see the power of his message and that it will change your life, just as it has changed ours.

First and foremost, before we get started, this is all legally protected material.  As a L.A.B. employee we vow to make this the most rewarding and lucrative health and fitness career you could ever imagine. Compensation, benefits, and clients will continue to come with your dedicated commitment. If you treat my gym, my business, and most importantly my clients with respect and passion for helping them I assure you your path will be set beyond you wildest expectations.

I have worked in this industry for 20+ years and have more than 30 years of gym experience with over 40,000 hours of logged from training clients. I have won 2 National titles, medaled at numerous National as well as International events in Olympic Weightlifting.  I competed Internationally for the United States and trained with some of the best weightlifters in the country.  I have an insatiable passion for training and have goals to one-day place in the top 3 nationally in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman (almost done).  I have taken loads of collegiate courses, with 3 college degrees, and studied under not only U.S. Olympic coaches, but several international and US national coaches. This passion for training and knowledge began at age 10 and has been my life’s mission.  You name the and book I have read it, name a “guru,” I have studied him/her. I have been an absolute geek in regards to studying all elements of health and fitness from prevention to performance and health psychology and have and immense passion for bringing this and sharing this with my clients in hopes of changing their lives.

Likewise, the success stories and testimonials are not only overwhelming but endless.  This is from hard work and dedication day in and out for over a decade and having set the standard to wanting to be the best in this industry.   I have seen MANY trainers come and go over the years who naively thought they had all it took…and they are now nowhere to be found.  I could go on for days here.

This is not about arrogance or ego but about PASSION and PROTECTION from the thousands of dollars, hours, and hard work building what is now known as Legacy Athletics & Barbell, LLC (aka The L.A.B. Gym).  I have sacrificed my entire life and dedicated everything I have into doing this.  SO! If you burn me, rip me off, or share this info with any other people…I will kill you. I will ruin you in every way imaginable and I will stop at nothing until you will not be able to work in this industry again. Seriously.

Disclaimer: I will NOT kill you. That was a humorous attempt to inform you about how serious I take this stuff and will not think twice about firing someone or take legal action if things are not respected. I repeat no personal harm or threats are made here. But really, I will kill you. OK, I’m kidding I wont…but don’t risk it…I’m not stable;)

SO, all information here is copyrighted material, 2020 Legacy Athletics & Barbell, LLC (DBA:The L.A.B. Gym).

Thank you for respecting that.  Together we will be able to team up and do so many great things for people.  Thank you!

Getting Started & What To Do

The L.A.B. Gym Trainer’s Academy is laid out like an online learning institution in order to best train you through all of our diverse systems and training styles. We value education and improving ourselves at every level and thus this site will continue to develop everyday.  To get started start in Part 1 and begin working.  The site was developed and built in order to teach you what you should know in the proper order. And then you simply will continue to work your way all the way through each section/lesson.  Everything is tracked so we will know if/when things were completed and what yet needs to be done.  There are video tutorials, documents, quizzes, tests, and various forms of learning worked into this program.  Updates to each section will periodically be made and you will be informed of when.  Likewise, all the needed forms for each section will be present for future use with your job at The Lab in each section.

Now you are ready to begin, please go to Part 1: General & New Hire Info to begin the journey and….

Welcome to The L.A.B.!

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