The 2nd Annual Lab Gym Holiday Party was a blast (see pics on our facebook page).  Thank you to Dedee Catsavis for helping with all the decorations and Jillian Marchese and Dena Westerfield for all the food!  So who won?

Lab Rat of the Year 2010: Dr. Dave and Anne Jacques
1st Runner Up: Dr. Michael Evans
2nd Runner Up: Tom Major

Lab Rat Weight Loss Champion: Dr. Michael Evans (Lost 105 lbs!)

Bootcamper of the Year: (tie) Gina LaMonica LaRose and Claire Reinbold

Most Motivational: Mike O’Leary

Mr Awesome/Attitude: Tom Major

Rookie of the Year: Dr. Sharon Lightfoot

Best Duo: (tie) Marian Linck + Sonya Stevenson and Donn Kleinshmidt + Buff Bufkin

Lab Rat Prototype Award: (tie) Penney Kols and Dedee Catsavis

The Lab Rat of The Year Winner’s Story (abbreviated):

This year was very difficult to decide.  Again I found myself with a major dilemma on what to do and have actually deliberated for the last 3 months on what was going to happen.  Well, we ended up for the second year in a row with 2 winners…but this year has a little twist.  They just happened to be married.  When he came to us he was complaining he could barely bend down and garden for 5 minutes and suffered from a chronic back condition called spinal stenosis.  After back surgery and still suffering from pain he was not physically active like he had been in years past .  Years ago he was active as a runner and even performed a triathlon.  Now things were different and he decided to do something about it.  While holding an incredibly demanding position at the hospital this man hit the ground running and in no time was shattering everything in sight.  He completed his 1st Olympic triathlon in 2010 and has 6 scheduled for the 2011 season, including a half iron man. And something tells me this guy will do a full ironman in 2012. From not even being able to perform one of his favorite activities of gardening he is now even doing power cleans 3 days per week.     From nearly disabled to ironman in 1 year!

She, was in a similar physical and mental condition but had also had come out of a battle with cancer.  While receiving official word this year that she was officially cancer free she began working out.  Like her husband  she took her health back into her own hands and completed a triathlon with him in Vancouver.  Her smile never quits and attitude is so amazing in the gym that she is literally ruining our motto, “your pain, our pleasure,” now it goes something like, “your pain, your pleasure,” and this is really changing the dynamics of our job. The harder she gets pushed the more she smiles, and when they laugh at pain, we always now we have a crazy one…The co-winners of Lab Rat of the Year for 2010 is Dr Dave and Anne Jacques!

Thank you all for an amazing year!


Plaque dedicated to all who have helped us grow and expand The Lab!

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