The Lab Gym’s Heavy  Metal Crossfit: Wednesday 9/18/13

Warm up:

Corrective & JTLC, General Barbell Warm-up (pvc>bb), Position stretches for the snatch (pvc>bb)

Foundational Strength/skill: (Week 1/3)

A)     Ramp up 1: Snatch grip overhead squats: 5s x 5 sets/rounds (first 2-3 sets are warm-ups) (*newbies practice 3-5 reps/set)

B)      Ramp up 2: Snatch balance: 5s x3-5 sets/rounds (*newbies practice 3-5 reps/set)


8 min: Snatch ABCs & Progressions-Just too 3 part pause pw snatch: 2 sets of each on the way up.

7 Min: Snatch practice: Power snatches (1 rep every 30 sec, add weight if can)

WOD 1:

Long tabata-

1-Snatch Balance (pvc>25+d, 35+d, 45+d, 65/95)

2-Power Snatch

3-OH Squat

4-Snatch Grip DL

5-Burpee over bar



*Cross-breeders: see exercise adjustment notes

**If Team LAB: Add Oly work/powers pre and drop squats/deads…alter any heavy leg work

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