The Lab Gym’s Heavy  Metal Crossfit: Thursday 6/27/13

Warm up:

Corrective & JTLC, General Barbell Warm-up (pvc>bb), Position stretches for the snatch (pvc>bb)

Foundational Strength:

Ramp up over 7 sets (first 2-3 sets are warm-ups) (*options for ‘Cross-breeders’)

A1) Back Squat: 3s (*ramp up thrusters)

A2) Military Press: 3s (*KB Snatch)

A3) Chin-up (strict/un-broken, band>bw>weighted): 3s (or, if have 5+ strict chins may work ring pullups or kips x5-10 per round)


Kip practice & drills


5 Rounds FBT

Pistol x5 (r & l=1)

Push Press x10

Med Ball Sit-ups x10


*Cross-breeders: see exercise adjustment notes

**If Team LAB: Add Oly work/powers pre and drop squats/deads…alter any heavy leg work

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