The Lab Gym’s Heavy  Metal Crossfit: Monday 7/8/13

Warm up: Corrective & JTLC, General Barbell Warm-up (pvc>bb), Position stretches for the clean (pvc>bb)

Foundational Strength (week 3/3): ramp up over 7 sets (first 3-4 sets are warm-ups)

A1) Front Squat: 2s

A2) Strict Pullups: 3s

A3) Push Press: 2s

Skill: 15 min

Clean Progressions & ABC Work (8 min)

Clean practice ramp up (7 min)


Clean Tabata

Min 1: High hang cleans

Min 2: High hang cleans

Min 3: Front squats

Min 4: Front squats

Min 5: Push press>Jerk

Min 6: Push press>Jerk

Min 7: Clean grip deadlift

Min 8:  Clean grip deadlift

Min 9: Thruster

Min 10: Thruster


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