The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Tuesday 10/15/13

Chest, Back, Hams, Etc

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC: Catbacks x10*3, flying posture hold x3*10, Is x5*3, Tsx5*3, As x5*3, hip bridge x10*3, squat and hold for 30 sec…then into JTLC: Bootcamp JTLC (note: only 5 reps of each movement), after bw squats hit another 30n sec squat and hold, then jumping jacks, then have them run to grand and back. (~10 min)

Circuit 1: (7 sets of 5 reps: Wave 2, Week 2/3)*try to match or beat last week’s numbers (20 min, 30 min into class)
A1) Deadlift: 7 sets of 5 reps (first 2-3 sets are warm-ups).

A2) Bench Press: 7 sets of 5 reps (first 2-3 sets are warm-ups).

A3) Ring Rows (options-feet: bent>straight>box w/ normal temp &b bw>3 sec pause>4 sec negative>both>+weight>all): 7 sets of 5 reps (use band or jumping Pullups w/controlled full range eccentric of 4 seconds.  If can add weight, do it)

Circuit 2:

30 seconds each for 5 rounds non-stop

1)      Pushups (when hit failure go to high plank or plank)

2)      Jump rope: du/su

Rest  1 Min:

30 seconds each for 5 rounds non-stop

1)      Ring Rows

2)      KB Swings

Circuit: 3

3 rounds

Side plank: 15s each side

Walking planks x5

Mountain climbers 10

Flying Supermans x30s

Circuit 4:

1 minute, rotate:

10s: High knees

10s: down & ups

Rest 30s

1 minute, rotate:

10s: Mountain Climbers

10s: Bicycle crunch

Rest 30s

1 minute, rotate:

10s: Jumping jacks

10s: walking planks

Rest 30s

1 min: exercise of choice form above, perform for 1 minute.


STRETCH! (~5 min if time)

(Basic Bootcamp stretch(10 seconds each): LOWER-cobra, prone quad-r/l, half kneeling hip flexor, pigeon, standing hamstring, calf. UPPER-Arm across (shoulder, trap, rhomboid), down the middle (triceps, shoulder), over the top (lat), grab and turn away (chest, shoulder, bi), clasp hand open shoulder blades forward, overhead, behind the back.

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