The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full Body Blitz 9/28/13

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC+ Grand and back

Circuit 1: FBT

Bradford Thrusters (25, 35, 45, 65, 95) (front thruster, then back thruster)

x50  FBT

Rest 90 sec, then:

Circuit 2: FBT

50 Caveman FBT

Rest 90 sec, then:

Max burpees in 3.5 minutes

Rest 2 min:

Circuit 3: Stations (split people/room among stations, 2-3 full rotations, 1 min rest after each round of all). 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Pair people up. Person 1 works for first 30, person 2 rests.  Then rotate.

1)      Rower

2)      Tire flip

3)      Wall Ball

4)      Burpees

5)      Planks

6)      Jumping jacks

7)      Wall sit

8)      Optional exercise: only if you have more than 15 people.

Circuit 4: 10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes)

5 Laps (150 feet per lap)(big laps in the room)

Pullups x3/5 (women/men)

Pushups x5/10  (women/men)

Susan Sauer Squats w/KB x15

STRETCH! (~5 min if time)

(Basic Bootcamp stretch(10 seconds each): LOWER-cobra, prone quad-r/l, half kneeling hip flexor, pigeon, standing hamstring, calf. UPPER-Arm across (shoulder, trap, rhomboid), down the middle (triceps, shoulder), over the top (lat), grab and turn away (chest, shoulder, bi), clasp hand open shoulder blades forward, overhead, behind the back.

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