The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full body blitz 9/21/13

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC Catbacks x10*3, flying posture hold x3*10, Is x5*3, Tsx5*3, As x5*3, hip bridge x10*3, squat and hold for 30 sec…then into JTLC: Bootcamp JTLC (note: only 5 reps of each movement), after bw squats hit another 30n sec squat and hold, then jumping jacks, then (in place, you count down the times for 10 seconds or the reps): ½ speed run x10s, ¾ speed run x10s, full speed sprint x10s, high knees x10s, butt kicks x10s, crisscross jumps x10s, cross country skiers x10s, mountain climbers x10s, spiderman crawls x5, pushups x5, down & ups x5, full speed sprint x30 sec

Circuit 1:

Barbell complex: all together on trainers count

RDL, Press, Back Squat, Bentover Row: 20, 15, 10 non stop on trainers count: (bb options, tell them- 25, 35, 45, 55, 65+)

1-2 min rest

Circuit 2:

10>1 (-1) FBT on own (stop when top 5 finish)

Squat Jumps to Walking planks to bicycle crunch

1-2 min rest

Circuit 3:

FBT (stop when top 5 finish)

Mountain climbers to CB Crunch to pushups: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

*pushup regression scheme (tell them, show them): toes, knees, bar, wall (start with hardest version you can perform each round and regress as you need to to perform full range of motion chest to ground)

Circuit 4: in front outside

25 Wall ball

Grand & back

25 SS DL w/med ball

Grand & back

25 Ground to overhead (touch ball to ground, then lift overhead to full lockout)

Grand & back

25 Wall ball

Circuit 5: depends on time left…

Sprint/walk combo:

100 yards divided with 33 & 1/3 sections (outside in back street, street sign to fire hydrant is 100 yards ish).  Sprint first section, walk to next, then sprint, etc.  8 Min.


(Basic Bootcamp stretch(10 seconds each): LOWER-cobra, prone quad-r/l, half kneeling hip flexor, pigeon, standing hamstring, calf. UPPER-Arm across (shoulder, trap, rhomboid), down the middle (triceps, shoulder), over the top (lat), grab and turn away (chest, shoulder, bi), clasp hand open shoulder blades forward, overhead, behind the back.

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