The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full Body Blitz 8/3/13

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC+ Grand and back

Circuit 1: FBT

A1) KB Crawlouts w/no pushup (crawl out, pushup, crawl back, KB Swing): x50

A2) 1 Sided jackknife x50

A3) Never ending plank circuit (all together): 3 rounds non-stop

Flying hip bridge x30s

Flying superman x30s

Front x30s

Side/side x30s, x30s

Circuit 2: 10 rounds FBT

10 Pushups

10 Pullups (strict>jumping)

10 BW Squats

Circuit 3: Big Crazy Rounds: 30 sec on and 30 off x 2 rounds then rotate. 2 rounds.

1)      Rope battle

2)      Rope Jump rope

3)      Rope climb

4)      Prowler push

5)      Tire flip

6)      Sled drag


2 Rounds

20 sec: Mountain climbers

20 sec: Butt kicks

20 sec: High 5s

2 Rounds

20 sec: CC Skiers

20 sec: Down & Ups

20 sec: Feet kicks

Grand and back sprint and when back 2 min wall sit.


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