The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full body blitz 7/13/13

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC: ½ speed run x10s, ¾ speed run x10s, full speed sprint x10s, high knees x10s, butt kicks x10s, crisscross jumps x10s, cross country skiers x10s, mountain climbers x10s, spiderman crawls x5, pushups x5, down & ups x5, full speed sprint x30 sec

Circuit 1: EMOM w/ a partner

10 minutes and rotate with partner at 5 minutes.

Person A: 10 Human/partner deadlifts THEN 10 pushups (may turn into 15 if too ‘easy.’)

Person B: Will hold a high plank position for their partner while they are performing their partner deadlifts.  THEN, 10 jackknifes while partner performs their 10 pushups.

The remaining time in the minute in the minute is your rest.

Circuit 2:

30 seconds per exercise: 2 rounds

1)      Star jumps

2)      Split squat jumps

3)      Moutain climbers

4)      Squat jumps

5)      Power pushups

6)      Feet kicks

7)      Cross country skiers

8)      Rest 1 minute

Circuit 3:

Surrenders x10 TO wall ball x10 for 5 rounds OR 5 minutes (whatever happens first)

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds/minutes of: DB Thrusters x30 sec TO Handstand x 30 sec  (5, 10, 15, 20, 25+)

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds/minutes of: high knees x30 sec TO wall sit x 30 sec

And when finish immediately into 1 mile run.


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