The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full Body Blitz- 4/5/14

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC: (all for 10 seconds all in place) half speed, 3/4 speed, full speed, high knees, butt kicks, criss cross jumps, cross country skiers, mountain climbers, spiderman crawls, pushups x5, burpees x10, full speed sprint x30s.

A) Snatch Grip Overhead Squats (all reps have 4 sec eccentric): warm up with pvc x 5s x 2 stes.  Then, 1 warm up set with barbell of choice.  Then, work sets of 5 sets of 3-5 reps.  May add weight if ready for it (l: pvc-15, m: 25, mh:35, h:45, vh:65+)

B) Snatch Progressions (hang snatch): bar + technique plates (all from high hang position). (l: pvc-15, m: 25, mh:35, h:45, vh:65+).

1) PVC: down & up x5

2) PVC: down & up with high elbows x5

3) PVC: high hang power snatch x5

4) Barbell: down & up x5

5) Barbell: down & up with high elbows x5

6) Barbell: high hang power snatch

7-11) High Hang Snatch: 5 sets of 5 reps (first 3 sets are power snatch, may add weight if ready for it).  4thset may add power to overhead squat.  5th set may be full snatch if ready for it.

Circuit 1: 3 rounds FBT

Pushups TO Bear Crawls (100 ft) TO BW Squats TO Walking Lunges (100 ft) for 3 rounds. Choose your reps for pushup/squats (level 1:  20, 15, 10 level 2: 30, 20, 10 level 30: 50, 40, 30)

Circuit 2: FBT

RDL Clean Grip Muscle Snatch: 20>2 (-2)

Bicycle Crunch: 20>2 (-2)

Circuit 4:

Big laps (~200ft) x3 TO 10 Down & Ups TO 10 KB Swings x 5 rounds