The Lab Gym’s EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Saturday-Full body blitz 1/11/14

Warm up: Bootcamp JTLC Catbacks x10*3, flying posture hold x3*10, Is x5*3, Tsx5*3, As x5*3, hip bridge x10*3, squat and hold for 30 sec…then into JTLC: Bootcamp JTLC (note: only 5 reps of each movement), after bw squats hit another 30n sec squat and hold, then jumping jacks, then have them run to grand and back.(~10 min)

Circuit 1:

Barbell Complex: RDL, Press, Squat, Row-20, 15, 10 (35/45)

Circuit 2:

‘50s’: FBT

50 Pushups

50 BW Squats

50 Jumping Jacks

Circuit 3:

3 person groups

Part 1: 4 rounds

Person A: 100ft bear crawl, while Person B: 25 KB DL, while person C: 15 Sit-ups (rotate exercises as soon as person ahead of you is complete).

Then, right into-

Part 2: 4 Rounds (one person at a time)

100ft Walking lunge w/plate OH (10/25/45)

100ft broad jump

100ft Sprint

Circuit 4:

Long tabata-2 min rotation on each series

A1) MB Thruster

A2) KB Swings

B1) PVC OH Squat

B2) Mountain climbers

C1) High Knees

C2) Pushups

D1) Bicycle Crunch

D2) Jumping Jacks



Circuit 5:

Iso-hold circuit:

Split squat hold-R, L: 30s each side

Squat and hold: 30s

High plank: 30s

Side high plank-R,L: 30s each side



(Basic Bootcamp stretch(10 seconds each): LOWER-cobra, prone quad-r/l, half kneeling hip flexor, pigeon, standing hamstring, calf. UPPER-Arm across (shoulder, trap, rhomboid), down the middle (triceps, shoulder), over the top (lat), grab and turn away (chest, shoulder, bi), clasp hand open shoulder blades forward, overhead, behind the back.

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