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Terry shares his personal struggle with his weight and his love of The Lab’s (Tough Love).

When you look at these pictures, they were me at my worst and me at my best (so far). My name is Terry and my journeyhas been one of ups and downs in many areas of life. My weight when I was married was at 180 skinny pounds. Through the next 2-3 decades my weight stayed fairly in check until life upended me with my divorce. It was an emotional few years for many reasons and as time went on, I ate …. and ate. In the early 2000s, I tried working with personal trainers at other gyms but that never seemed to be something that registered with me. I worked with another trainer at the YMCA and had some decent results there, but nothing that I was willing to keep in place and so the yo-yo diets continued. Looking back, the part that always seemed to be missing was regimented weight training…..as none of the other trainers implemented any consistent weight training.

PERSONALLY….I don’t like working out, but I’ve determined¬† that it’s necessary to stay healthy and running with my grandchildren and just all-around wanting to live longer and stay healthy. The “before” picture above was me when I was about at my heaviest at 30lbs. The “today” picture is me at 252lbs….and it is directly the result of hard work with my Lab trainer Jimmy Duke and nutritional advice from Cameron Earnheart. Both of them I feel are a part of my team at the Lab. They both push on me to make the right decisions with regard to¬† my eating and keep me accountable for my work-outs. For the most part, I’ve been successful in both areas, but they both know I love COOKIES (my downfall). Girl scouts are hard on me…LOL. Thanks to Justin Thacker’s program and the entire staff at the Lab, I am on a path that will help me to reach my goal of losing another 30ish pounds. THANKS especially to Jimmy for constantly hammering on me about posture and form and to Cameron for nudging me on the cookies. It’s really a family at the LAB and everyone seems to make it fun.

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