susan rope pullFirst of all, I can’t say enough good things about the Lab and Justin’s training methodology.

I was one of the originals in Bootcamp in 08/09, which laid a solid fitness foundation to build from for the major body transformation I’ve achieved since kicking things up a notch in Jan. 2012. I’m 46 and in better condition than I have ever been. My muscle definition is much improved and I feel stronger than ever.

I have realized my goal on push ups in that I CAN and DO full push ups without always ‘worming my way up’. And I think I am the ONLY person in the group that LIKES bear crawl! I’m not quite to my goal of doing an unassisted pull up, but I use a smaller band and am gaining on my goal every time!
susan pullup
The other thing that bootcamp gave me is the confidence to develop my endurance running. One reason I rejoined bootcamp in 2008-09 was to run the GO! Half Marathon. Since, I can’t even count the 5k, 10k and other fun races and obstacles races that I have participated in. Without the support of the Lab training, I would not have done it. . . We’ll see if we all survive Tough Mudder this fall!

Since January of 2012, I went from 29.1% body fat to about 15.6%. I’m down to a size 6 in pants (from an 8 or 10).

The other HUGE help was Justin’s nutrition guidance in developing an eating plan that I could follow with my hectic and unpredictable work schedule as a real estate broker. He came up with a reasonable plan for eating 7 small meals a day on a specific time schedule and what good options might be for a small meal. I am not a perfect Paleo eater, but simply followed the basics of no grains, no legumes, limited dairy and fruit and NO SUGARY STUFF!

Showing up for boot camp three days a week is not only a physical lift, it is a mental one too. I leave class knowing that the strengths I had in class will follow me all day at work and home. If it didn’t kill me at the Lab, I can survive it at work!

Justin has an excellent approach to individualized training in a group setting. The camaraderie of the bootcamp members is fostered by his attitude towards the class and each of us as individuals. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work out at the Lab!

susan muddy

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