Hello Again!

We have been settling…and settling in to our new place and still have so much to do!  It is amazing here and I will have an updated post construction video as soon as a few more things are wrapped up.  As the Holidays are rapidly approaching I wanted to give you not only a GIFT but a great way for you to give the gift of health to someone else!

For ALL current members of The Lab Gym we are giving 1 voucher for a 1 FREE month membership for you to give to a friend.  That’s right 1 FREE month.  This would be a great gift to a loved one that will save YOU money!
Our new rates at the brand new palace are:
-Month to month: 65/month
-6 Month commitment: 50/month
-12 Month commitment: 40/month
*Plus a one time $50.00 initiation fee)

As you can see that is a value of $65.00 for you to give to a friend.  Likewise, if they then sign up for a 6 month or more commitment we will waive their initiation fee saving you and them a total of $115.00!!!   These vouchers must be redeemed by Jan 15th and will expire on Feb. 15th.


This membership includes 24hour access and FREE access to many of our group fitness classes:
Our FREE Les Mills classes are: BodyPUMP (barbell bootcamp), RPM (Biking/cycling), Flow (Yoga + Tai Chi combined).  These classes will launch in early January!

Our other gift to you…

Buy one get one gift certificates!  This is nuts!  For every dollar you spend on gift certificates for someone else (non-current Lab Rats) we will MATCH that amount and give it to you!  That’s right, bring on a new Lab Rat and buy them something and we will return the same love to you!

To redeem either of these gifts contact Chris at: labgym.manager@gmail.com or simply reply to this email and we will get the gift certificates ready for you!

Finally, I am very happy to say that The Lab just received an award from the 17th Ward in the City of  St. Louis for donating our time and trainers to building a community garden!  It was a very pleasant suprise to be informed of this and to be honored by the community.


I would also like to finally formally congratulate Dr. Michael Evans for breaking the 100lb weight loss barrier!!!
Dr. Evans and Shaun Conley going to town on the rower!

Action at The NEW Lab!
Squat racks galore!
Bootcamp stretching after war!
Machine circuits!
Scott breaking down Shanna with some kettle bell swings!
Saturday Bootcamp: Kegs and Prowlers at 6:30am!
RPM Class!
Olympic lifting, Strongman, Crossfit Room (still under construction)!  My new paradise! 6 platforms coming!
Nathan and Mike doing inverted rows!
Susan Schultz killing the prowler at 6:30am!

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