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Question: Will I get the same results from using a protein drink instead of eggs or meat?

Answer:  Charles Poliquin advocates a ‘Meat and Nuts Breakfast.’  (More on that here)

He answers this question here:

“The third study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition in July 2011. It is particularly interesting because it helps to answer a very common question regarding whole-food protein versus protein drinks. I am often asked if it’s okay to substitute a whey protein shake for the meat part of the Meat and Nuts Breakfast. Answering “yes” might help sell more supplements, but it’s not the right answer and doesn’t support optimal outcomes.

This latter study examined the effects of a protein-rich beverage versus a protein-rich solid meal, both containing 38 percent of energy from protein. Two groups of teens were studied and were given either the drink or the whole-food breakfast; four hours later both groups were given an all-you-can eat lunch buffet. While both groups expressed similar levels of satiety after breakfast, the teens who received the protein drink ended up consuming 33 percent more calories at lunch than the teens who had eaten a solid-food breakfast. Bottom line: This study shows the appetite controlling effects of whole-food meals, and also proves why the Meat and Nuts Breakfast is not called the “Whey Protein Shake Breakfast.”

Also note (Justin): Whey protein drinks due to their very sweet nature and fast digesting properties can spike insulin much like many high GI foods.  So, next to not curbing appetite like wholefood the insulin crush will work against you by dropping blood sugar in the early AM and may make you crave more sweet/sugary foods.

Question: Cool article.  Question though: it emphasizes the weight loss benefits of eggs, particularly through curbing hunger.  Does that mean having eggs early in the day could he bad for someone trying to gain?

Answer: Not exactly, it just depends on what you want to gain (pure weight gain vs. all muscle, or mostly muscle, etc.), how fast you want to gain it (7days, 7weeks, 7 months), and how bad you want it:)

You could use powders, liquids, ice cream and such to just get calories down to gain weight by any means necessary…but, more of that weight will be fat mass vs. muscle mass.

Or, by adequately spacing out your meals, the times of them (say every 2-3 hours) you can space out your calories to get more in through the day and eat cleaner as a result.  So, quality clean calories helping gain more quality weight.   But yes, it is HARD to eat this much clean food and it is a job.  It is clearly more difficult to gain good quality weight than it is to lose weight!


Likewise, it is one thing to eat 2-3  eggs and another to crush 6+ (which I easily do).  Or, consider the difference of:
1) Raw liquid eggs: can guzzle down a ton fast!  Common method of the old school boys.
2) Scrambled Eggs: if you’re worried about salmonella (lol) this is an easier way to get more down faster with easier digestion.
3) Boiled eggs: fill you up faster, take longer to eat, and will leave you eating less volume/calories.

PS: My cholesterol is 137;)

Bottom line: you will have to perhaps add feedings to the day and spread them out with a smaller gap between meals.  SO, you may be having 8 feedings per day vs. 5-6.

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