RPM trainingThe LES MILLS­™ initial training workshop for aspiring RPM instructors will be held at The Lab Gym on April 27-28. All participants must attend the entire 2 days of training to be eligible for certification.

At the workshop you will receive the latest program release, program manuals, as well as hands-on time with a certified National Trainer who will give you instruction and feedback to guide your progress.

RPM Certification Training
April 27th & 28th
Saturday 11am- 8pm
Sunday 8am- 4pm

Trainer: Terry Keller
Location: The Lab Gym- St. Louis, MO

Price:  $290 (includes video assessment fee)
Please have all of your interested instructors get registered to attend the training as soon as possible!  Registration will close on April 10th.

How to Register:
If your instructors are already Les Mills instructors they’ll need to go to www.lesmills.com
Click on “SHOP & EVENTS” top menu
Click on  “INSTRUCTOR STORE” on the left

Scroll until you find this event
Click “BOOK NOW”

If they are NOT certified with Les Mills yet & RPM will be their first program, please be sure they sign their online agreement prior to registering:

Go to www.lesmills.com
Click on register under the Les Mills name

Click on create an account

Make sure you tick the “yes, I’m an instructor” box for the question “are you a Les Mills certified instructor or intending to train in the near future to become one?”
Fill out all information (also attached instructions)

Please remind all your instructors of the hours of the training – all days and all hours are mandatory.

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