Sujata Buck Parting the Waters

Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Bucks. Rich and Sujata, otherwise known as, “Suj” Buck.  Bothretired physicians who live very close by to the gym.  Rich is a VERY dedicated guy.  Rich may be the one guy who is at the gym morethan anybody else at The Lab.  However, you may never see him, he is here in the most quiet hours of the day generally betweenabout 11am and 1pm and it seems like he is here 7 days a week getting either his weight training, stretching, and cardio exercise in.I always know when Rich was here because his favorite old time black and white movies are the last channel left on the televisions.

When I first met Rich he came to me and told me about his dear wife.  He said, “Justin, I would love to help get my wife started on an exercise program but I am not sure how comfortable she is going to be in the gym.  Could you help her get started and with a routineto get things going for her?”

Fast forward 12 months, Sujata Buck is a machine, when most people maybe make 3 weeks and quit, she has been pumping awayconsistently for over a year now.  She is DEDICATED and she LOVES it!  She even tells me at home how she makes sure to do all ofher mobility, stability, and flexibility exercises from the JTLC program (joint, tendon, ligament, and central nervous system warm up and mobility routine).

I have been very pleased to have converted her to weight training and help keep her going in the gym.  She has even suffered falls injuring her shoulder and long trips through Africa chasing lions and wild animals but has always made it back into the gym to keep her routine going.  She even brought resistance bands with her to Africa to keep her exercise regular!

Despite Suj’s big barriers from ever joining a gym in the past, I was very shocked about 2 weeks ago.  Following a major storm in theMidwest which caused major damage all across the region, I walked into the gym on a Sunday morning to see my gym in shambles.The tiles were blown out, I had a river of water passing through the middle of the gym, and the place was an absolute wreck.  Shocked by the disaster, my attention immediately switched over to Rich and Suj going to work on their exercise routines.

It made all of the gym damage diminish and gave me quick perspective on the situation.  Despite the tremendous damage to the gym(over half of the gym was unusable at this time)  Rich and Suj were not going to be stopped by something like a flood and a caved in roof.  True Lab rats they are…

The Lab is literally 1 mile away from a very posh 3 million dollar gym were you would expect to see the likes of Rich and Suj.  However, you will find them here regularly Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends working away with the rest of us.  Rich and Suj are a true blessing at The Lab and literally “parted the waters” at The Lab to get their workouts completed.

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