Hello again! This year sure is flying by! Where does the time go? Caught up in life in 2011? Well, a VERY interesting read in the New York Times talks about someone with some SERIOUS time constraints!

No time to workout? What is the problem? What is getting in the way?

State of the Union Address?

Housing Crisis?



Hmmmm, not for Obama, the president of the United States has had a trainer for over a decade and likewise is the ‘secret weapon’ behind Michelle Obama’s toned arms. Cornell McClellan is now the secret weapon behind many of the White House’s top staff members. I guess if running the greatest country in existence won’t stop you from getting in your workouts and living a healthy lifestyle than what will? If you want it bad enough you will find a way.

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Obama-bad-ass: See him in the next Terminator! Looking better than the Governator these days…

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