The Lab Gym was  in the St. Louis Post last week featuring a video on leg training progressions.  In these 2 videos we discuss progressions leading up to3 main leg movements the squat, romanian deadlift, and the lunge.  These short videos sequence how to progress from the basic stance and into the actual exercise (as they may be too much for some to handle at first…this is how we progress them at The Lab).

St. Louis Post Leg Training Video (click below to watch):

Guess what I am saying in this clip:
a) “That fish was this big”
b) “Chris’s head is this fat”
c) “What do I do with my hands (Taladega Nights)

Part 1
Part 2

Below see the “Polecat’s” also known as Scott and Terry Pohlman stick to their exercise routine as they practice their “suave squats” in every state along the way. So what is a suave squat? It’s better known as a “prisoner squat,” but we like to have fun at The Lab and dedicate our exercises to 80s pop stars!

Also, See Christian Mendoza in his Halloween costume as The Lab Rat (aka: Verminator)…

Enjoy this Majuscule!


Halloween Lab Rat contest winner Christian Mendoza

Christian wins a FREE Lab Gym membership AND a job holding our sign outside the gym!

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