Last chance for the FREE 30 day Boot Camp trial that will run from November 10th (tomorrow) to December 1st.  The class is FREE for the first 30 days.  You can start at any time but once December 1st hits the deal is over.  The class times are Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am at The Lab Gym.

More fun action pics from Boot Camp:


NOW taking names for our waiting list in the evenings!

Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm and Saturday at 10:00am at The Lab Gym:

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The Lab Gym’s BOOT CAMP

Here by popular demand The Lab gym is unleashing it’s acclaimed boot camp to the public.  Before
only appreciated by a few lucky and exclusive cleintele at The Lab.  Now EVERYONE can reap the
weight loss and muscle toning benefits that this program has to offer.


The Lab’s boot camp is a very unique blend of conditioning exercises utilizing the full body to burn
calories and push yourself to limits you never imagined all while obtaining INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

Have more fun than ever working out with a group and pushing each other to new heights.


-Lose tons weight in minimal time!
-Increase your metabolism, improve flexibility, and build strength!
-Feel great, move, and perform better than you ever have!
-Save tons of MONEY!
-All for pennies compared to normal personal training rates!
-Classes are only $15.00 a piece when you sign up for a 4 week program AND you will receive a
complimentary 24hr gym membership at The Lab Gym!!!
-Conveniently located at Forest Park AND the Lab Gym
-Early AM classes (6AM Tues/Thur and 6:30AM Saturdays) and SOON PM classes (M,W,F at 6pm).
-Classes provided Monday through Saturday to work with your schedule and lifestyle!


Try a FREE class and test it out on us before you commit to a full program by filling out our form
below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Try the boot camp yourself with NO RISK with our 100% money back guarantee!!!!

To register click here.

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