Lydia's medals

Congratulations to Triple Gold Medalist Lydia Passmore and silver Medalist Emma Morris!

Emma Morris made us all proud, winning the silver in the Women’s Leg Press! (see photo below.)

Lydia took the gold in all three weightlifting events this year at the St. Louis Sr. Olympics! Just a few weeks before turning 53, she competed in the 50-54 age group and 131-160 weight group.

Here’s more from Lydia about her experience competing in the Senior Olympics… “I had been training at The Lab for 7 months and I did not even know about the Senior Olympics when I started working out with my trainer, Trevor Ratzky. My motivation to workout was all about healthy aging. And because my job requires lots of sitting, I had become quite sedentary which was reflected in my poor posture and loss of muscle mass and strength.

I became aware of the Senior Olympics through email from The Lab and decided to give it a shot. I had made big strides in strength and endurance since beginning my training with Trevor and decided to see how I compared to other “women of strength”.

With little more than a couple sessions to learn proper competition technique, I was able to win the gold medal in the three events offered in weightlifting: arm curl, leg press and bench press. Not only did I take first place in arm curl (lifted 60.3% bodyweight- 80 lbs), but I beat the record since 2011 for all age and weight classes in the arm curl. Likewise in the leg press I beat all age and weight classes in the 2013 competition pressing 520 lbs for 392.1% bodyweight. And for bench press, I beat the record for my age and weight class since 2011 lifting 79% bodyweight with a max lift of 105lbs.

My trainer at The Lab deserves all the credit for his diligent commitment to helping me achieve my goals of good aging and improving body composition by increasing lean body mass and decreasing body fat. The nutritional counseling I received with Cameron also tweaked my diet in the right direction allowing me to further my training goals.

And here’s Emma Morris with her medal and her trainer, Brian Crain.
Emma's Medal

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