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As we prepare for our end of the year party once again I realized that this is OUR 10th year giving ‘The Lab Rat of the Year’ Award.  So, I thought I would compile a bit of our history…And it’s hard to believe this all actually happened.


Lab Rat of the Year History…

It all started 10 years ago to highlight, reward, and celebrate my clientele for all of their amazing hard work and success from the previous year. It was also to motivate other’s by sharing these stories. So many incredible things achieved by so many people overcoming amazing odds. The hope was that this would inspire others to take control of their life and make their own success story. And we’ve been doing it for 10 years!

Fast forward to today and we have an enormous list of incredible and miraculous stories that is hard to even believe. I personally feel that each previous success helped lead to the next by either the promotion of the story or what it did to develop and form The Lab Gym’s training model and philosophy that the trainer’s execute today. So here we go…


1st: Mike Marker-Quickly lost over 70lbs and became a very unlikely phenom in the fitness realm. Taking on a brand new lifestyle at the age of 50 did things that he nor anyone else thought he WOULD or COULD ever do).

2nd: Lynne Cooper

3rd : John Sandberg and Celeste Vossmeyer


1st: Mike Marker-Building on his previous success loses over 133lbs, cures his diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and performs a miraculous transformation that was so incredible it set the tone for much of the training style and programs that The Lab uses today. Changing not only himself but also Justin his trainer’s whole approach to training.

2nd: John Sandberg and Celeste Vossmeyer

3rd: Dr. Donald Suggs


1st: Dr. Donald Suggs-Easily one of the strongest and active senior citizens in the world. Has deadlifted 315lbs at a bodyweight of 155lbs! And routinely squats over 250lbs for reps. Has performed 80 pushups and many other miraculous feats of strength and fitness all at the tender age of: ‘I can’t tell you.’

2nd: Rod Arbaugh

3rd: Dr. Consuelo Wilkins


1st: 2 way tie: Voy Andrews and Lisa Manfredi. Voy lost 157 lbs at age 50 in under a year! Lisa went from disabling mountain bike injury to fitness ninja taking the Lab’s programs to new heights that set the foundation for much of the training we do today.

2nd: Dr. Michael Evans

3rd: Tom Major


Lab Rat of the Year 2010: Dr. Dave and Anne Jacques. Dave nearly disabled form terrible back pain to completing an Olympic Triathlon and taking on Olympic weightlifting. Anne becomes completely cancer free and competes in her first triathlon with her husband)

1st Runner Up: Dr. Michael Evans

2nd Runner Up: Tom Major


1-Dr. Sharon Lightfoot- lost 118lbs in under 1 year!

2-Suzy Oge

3-Sonya & Marian


1-Ginny Antonacci- Lost 130lbs and fights of several deadly chronic diseases!

2-Troy Skaife

3-Marie Casey


1-Adrian Reuss- Lost 80lbs and 30 inches in 8 months!

2-Liz Sodd

3-Cory O’connor


1-Juannetta Turner-Lost 75lbs, lost 17% body fat, over 40 inches, dropped LDL by 70 points and raised HDL by 30 points!

2-Emily Abbott

3-Julie Sodd


(For other stories search the site under each respective name).