thea lrotm december

Thea Rubin

In the words of her trainer Reuben:
“Goals: 1) Reduce Pain 2) Get strong as f*ck 3) Look good naked

Goal 1) Couldn’t finish the JTLC because of pain in her hip and can now do anything in the gym without pain. No longer wakes up at night with throbbing hip/back pain. Does HIIT cardio 3x/week and LSD cardio 2x/wk without pain. 10 to 15 minutes of bootcamp is no problem at the end of her workouts. Thea used to leave the Lab without sweating and now turns into a puddle.

Goal 2)
Numbers as of 12/1:
-Back Squat: 90×5!
-BB Bench Press: 75×5!
-BB DL: 125×5!
-BB RDL: 100×6
As of 12/30
-Back Squat: 115×3 (bellow parallel, paused)
-BB Bench Press: 85×5
-BB Deadlift: 175×3, 165×5
-BB RDL: 125×6

Goal 3)
This month:
Down 3lbs of fat
Down 2% BF; Currently at 22.2 from 28.3 at the end of October.
Nutrition has been nearly perfect and it is showing. Now that Thea is very strong and moving pain free, LOOK OUT. Goal for January: 18% or lower.”