Are you one of the millions of people who find exercise to be drudgery, pure hell even? Any excuse will keep you from the gym. You are too busy alphabetizing your spices and condiments to work out? Many people wait until it is too late to get fit, but just take a look at Jerry Vuchak.

The man is in the gym every day and he never stops smiling, (except during heavy weight sets, of course). His smile is contagious and he not only keeps his own motivation level high, he is an inspiration to those around him. This year he was even crowned Mr. Motivation at the Lab Gym annual awards ceremony. He has good reason to be smiling and overjoyed by his workouts, especially with his amazing results and total health transformation.

At age 50, his original motivation was a serious health warning from his Doctor. After making a serious commitment to training, in less than 9 months at The Lab Gym he had improved all areas of concern,;including cholesterol, blood sugar levels and Cardiovascular risk factors and received a clean bill of health! He lost fat, gained over 15 lbs of muscle, and was able to stop taking all his previous medications.

He shares the love and intensity of his workout at The Lab Gym with the world almost every day on Facebook. He’s in The Lab every day, working with his trainer on weight days and pushing himself on cardio days. He’s even been known to post photos of his socks & shoes in motion on the elliptical…nudging others to come in for some Sunday cardio. Jerry remains highly motivated and happily addicted!

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