Halloween, a holiday about death…hmmmm, not to be grim but have some fun with this…

How long will you live?

(Take this quiz to see what your expectancy is)

Here was my result: Justin (Age 150 after adopting a vegetarian chronic calorie restriction diet of 800 calories)

How will you look?
(Upload you picture into this site to age your photo and see just how)

Here was my result: Justin (Age 70)

How will you move, self reliant, assisted, with pain?  Will you suffer from disease or live with vigor and mobility?  Well, I don’t have anything for that.  But, how do you feel and move right now?  Chances are, if you don’t do anything about it it’s not going to be any better.  Give yourself excuses not live a healthy life or take action.

He’s 74.  Dr. Suggs can take him though….see below
Or very own Dr. Suggs.  He’s actually 76.

Oldest marathoner ever: Age 94.

Happy Halloween!

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