The Lab Holiday party was better than I could have possibly imagined. I have never planned a party before and with the help of my brother and staff was able to pull this off. It was a very HUMBLING, REWARDING, yet GRATIFYING experience. I am very grateful for all of you who showed up and gave us a reason to party! Even more so I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for enabling me to do what I love for a living (The staff and I love what we are doing and it makes it SO worth the while to have such great people to serve). Seeing all of you in one place together in one place was a great opportunity and powerful experience for me and to see what The Lab community has become. I am very honored and privileged to rub elbows with all of you and looking forward to torturing you through 2010. Thank you for giving The Lab and me the chance to be a part of your lives. You have all had an impact on us and we are committed to do the same for you! So, if you were shameful enough not to make it here are the results: Lab Rat of The Year 2009: 2nd runner up: Tom Majer 1st runner up: Dr .Michael Evans Winner: (2 way tie!) Lisa Manfredi and Voy Andrews Congratulations guys and way to set a great example for us all. Your stories have a major impact on all of us, and with your new celebrity status comes some responsibility! I expect big things from you all in 2010! Besides, heavy wears the crown, everyone will be gunning for you this year;) Finally, the crazzzy bootcampers put together an awesome little serenade singing, “Bootcamp Wonderland.” And I have it on video! This will be on you tube shortly;) PS: Bill and Kevin have 500 wheel rolls to perform this week for missing the party. Bill, Kevin got 120 out of the way this morning… Enjoy this Majuscule!


Something very important to consider:
I have heard more about investments lately than I ever have in my life.  Consider this below, maybe the most important investment to think about.  You have one life to live, time is ticking, you can either acquire more time and longevity, and have more QUALITY time if you make the right decisions.  Or, you can look back at life with regrets on a life to short lived and not lived to the maximum.  I know what I am choosing.  A fellow health professional sent this out last week and I could not agree more.
“You are going to spend time and money on your health. The truth is the process can be a proactive one or a reactive one. Money spent on your health can take the form of a personal trainer, massage therapist, and a gym membership or, it can be money spent on cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and plastic surgeons. Either way, you will spend money.
Same goes for time. You can go to the gym or, to the doctor’s office. It’s up to you. Either way, you will spend time. Some people say things like “I hate to work out”. Try sitting in the emergency room for a few hours and then get back to me. Working out may not seem so bad. Much like a car, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. However, in so many ways the body is better than a car. With some good hard work you can turn back the odometer on the body. A study done by McMaster University which showed that muscle tissue of older subjects actually changed at the cellular level and looked more like the younger control subjects after strength training.
Do me a favor, spend some time on preventative maintenance, it beats the heck out of the alternative. Just remember, you will spend both time and money.”

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