gritThe Lab is the first in St. Louis to offer GRIT!

This is small group training at its finest and only $5 per class!  All are high energy classes with music that makes you want to keep moving.  Spend 30 minutes pushing your body and thank us later.  You won’t regret it.

GRIT Pylo – Build muscle, stamina and coordination through explosive movements.  This class will increase STRENGTH, POWER AND ENDURANCE through running, jumping and other agility movements.  Increase your coordination while MELTING FAT.

GRIT Cardio – Increase your heart rate and GET SHREDDED using multi-joint body weight movements.  This class will PUSH YOUR STAMINA to the limits while you create an athletic body.

GRIT Strength – Use weights and intense, fast-paced body weight exercises to BUILD MUSCLE andTORCH FAT. Compound movements add to the intensity of this class while high volume body weight movements trim the fat revealing your newly built muscles.

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