I tell you what, I meet some of the most interesting people before the sun comes up. Not from staying out late all night, but from
getting up at
5am everyday to come and train some of the most focused and successful people I have ever met. Like clockwork, at 5:
30 am
everyday the gym is buzzing, and more crowded than it is all day long. If some one is not present immediately phone calls
usually go out to see if everything is ok.

A little under 2 months ago, I met an interesting guy by the name of Harry Ratliff. From the second I met Harry I knew he had some
special characteristics about him. He knew EXACTLY what he wanted and WHEN he wanted to do it. He had crystal clear goals and
a specific plan of action already mapped out. Furthermore, Harry had already experienced a great deal of success on his own by
losing over 40 pounds. He brought with him all of his meticulous exercise and diet records from the years past. And the progress
was even GRAPHED! I have never had anyone walk into my office with such focus and energy being aimed right for the heart of their
goals. I knew immediately that we would have much success together.

Unfortunately, as time went on Harry had some incredibly difficult heart breaking situations. Enough to push anybody into insanity,
depression, or even worse. Usually, when a little adversity gets in the way I often see people disappear and never find their way back
to the gym. But let me tell you, Harry is dealing with more than his share of adversity, and is ticking off his goals full steam ahead.

When I first met Harry his wife had been sick and was dealing with the difficulties of a lung transplant for over 5 years. Harry was in
and out of the hospital day and night to see his wife. He got his exercise in one way or another and kept gradually losing weight.
When he was in the gym he was determined and aiming for his goals with laser focus everyday and you could just see him
channeling out the frustration into every rep of every set. Half the time I cant even get him to stop the sets, he just keeps pushing
along. Harry is appropriately and positively releasing the pain into the workout. Dumping out the emoting and driving him to higher
levels of success. You see, Harry is using the adversity in his life to fuel the his fire and as an impetus towards his goals.

But that is just the start of it. Harry is also a financial advisor. As you might expect he is getting a TON of phone calls these days with
panicky clients who are watching the markets flood their life savings. Harry must handle these people and deal with the pain and
frustration they are going through. With the markets as bad as they have been in my lifetime Harry has his hands full. But
nevertheless, Harry keeps losing weight hits his workouts hard, and keeps focused on managing his diet. He keeps himself
composed and on course.

Now don’t get me wrong. Harry has missed workouts and has had some bad meals along the way. But every time I see him his
attitude is not focused on the mistakes, but on how he is moving on from there. He doesn’t’ let one or two failures steer him off the

Harry’s wife had just passed away, the markets are at a long time low, and Harry is now realizing with the markets hit he might have to
work more years to recover. But, Harry is not thinking ‘oh poor Harry.” Harry is charged, he is focused, and he has the confidence and
drive to rebuild things and stay on course. As I was thinking about Harry’s ordeal it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, “fall
down 7 times, stand up 8.”

As Harry was telling me about some of the things going on I was thinking to myself, “Gee, I wish I could get ALL of my clients to have
this much focus and concentration on their goals.” Then, I was slapped out of my daze when Harry said, ‘I just took this psychological
evaluation with over 100 people and I tested out at #1 for FOCUS and CONCENTRATION….” Then, I lit up, BINGO! How ironic,
FOCUS and CONCENTRATION! Harry, you read my mind! That is the key!

No matter what goes down, Harry will not be shaken badly enough to get off his path.

His life is not over. There is more to be done.

Many times I find my self repeating the words, focus, concentration, focus, concentration. When life gets so chaotic and I feel like I am
losing control, I just start repeating to myself, focus, concentration. Whatever it is I might be doing, I try to de-scramble the thoughts
and become totally engaged with what I am doing or trying to do….Harry hit the nail right on the head when he said those three magic
little words, no, not “I love you,” but, “focus and concentration.”

Anytime, you feel over worked, too much multi tasking, and a lack of focus….just start repeating the words, ‘focus and concentration.”

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