Susan's Tire flips

EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Wednesday Homework 2/6/13

Grand: 1/2 Mile (run)
Form Runs: all at ~50 feet w/10-15 sec rest, 2 rounds of each
1/2 speed run
3/4 speed run
full speed sprint
high knees, high skips
hops (high)
long jumps
carioca/grape vines
lateral shuffle
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Lateral Shuffles (R & L)
Back Pedal
Full speed sprint x 6 roundsSprints:
50 yards x5 rounds (15 sec rest between)
100 yards x4 rounds (30 sec rest between)
200yards x 3 rounds (60 sec rest between) OR5 min of HIIT (circuits of 30 on and 30 light or 15 on and 45 light,or 15 on and15 light, etc) intervals each of (15 total minutes):Elliptical or runRowerBike
Grand and back 2x (1 mile)-run/walk


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