EXTREME BOOTCAMP-Wednesday Homework 2/13/13


Grand: 1/2 Mile (run)
Form Runs: all at ~50 feet w/10-15 sec rest, 2 rounds of each
1/2 speed run
3/4 speed run
full speed sprint
high knees, high skips
hops (high)
long jumps
carioca/grape vines
lateral shuffle
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Lateral Shuffles (R & L)
Back Pedal
Full speed sprint x 6 roundsSprints:
50 yards x5 rounds (15 sec rest between)
100 yards x4 rounds (30 sec rest between)
200yards x 3 rounds (60 sec rest between)



5 min of HIIT (circuits of 30 on and 30 light or 15 on and 45 light,or 15 on and15 light, etc) intervals each of (15 total minutes):

Elliptical or run



Grand and back 2x (1 mile)-run/walk


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