EXTREME BOOTCAMP-4/16/13-Tuesday

Chest, Back, Hams, Etc

Warm-up: Bootcamp JTLC: Form runs at 50 feet:1 round each of: half speed run in place, 3/4 speed, full speed, high knees, butt kicks, criss-cross jumps, cross country skier,  mountain climber, spiderman crawls x5, pushups x5,  full speed sprint (x 3 rounds).

Circuit 1: *try to match or beat last weeks numbers
A1) Deadlift: 7 sets of 5 reps (first 2 sets are warmups).

A2) Bench Press: 7 sets of 5 reps (first 2 sets are warmups).

A3) Pullups: 7 sets of 5 reps (use band or jumping pullups w/controlled full range eccentric of 4 seconds.  If can add weight, do it)

Circuit 2: EMOM (every minute on the minute)

1,3, 5, 7, 9: Pushups to failure (if can’t get at least 10-15 at toes/knees use elevated surface…IF can do more than put feet on elevated surface or add weight.  THEN when hit failure do high plank hold or regress pushup to easier version for more reps.)

2,4,6,8,10: KB Swings x25 OR SS Deadlifts x20

Circuit 3:

BW Renegade Row w/no pushup x10&10 TO X-Band Walks: set 1: 15 &15 set 2: 15&15, set 3: 15&15


100 Speed jumping jacks for best time


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