Lab Rat Corey

Congratulations to Corey O’Connor on winning Lab Rat of The Month August. Corey is pictured here with Justin Thacker and Lab Trainer, Matt Miller. Corey reached a significant milestone this month as he broke through the 100 pound weight loss mark! WooHoo! For those of you in need of a bit of inspiration, look no further…Perhaps most impressive is that Cory is a Premium Client, meaning he does four sessions per month with his Lab Trainer, who oversees his programming and Corey works out at The Lab all the other days on his own. He has the will power and mental fortitude to achieve these results!

He’s making great strides in his strength gains too! He hit 325lb Deadlift for 3 and Bench Press of 275 for 3, and that was back in August! Lab Trainer Matt Miller sums it up this way, “Corey is a strong dude that has a GREAT attitude and is getting results!” ┬áCheck back here next week for an interview with Corey on breaking through this 100 pound weight loss milestone, his ultimate goal and what’s working for him.

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